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Fee-Only Financial Advice for Military Veterans and Federal Civilians

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Amy King began her military career in 1994 in the US Naval Reserves. Desiring to serve as an officer, Amy transitioned to the US Army Reserves and the US Army ROTC. She was commissioned a Second Lieutenant and entered active duty in 1997 where she served for over 22 years.

Amy retired from the US Army in 2019 and began her career as a financial advisor. As a Military Veteran who was married to a Federal Civilian spouse, Amy has an insider’s understanding of the challenges and benefits of the military and Federal Civilian systems.

Amy is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, a Military Qualified Financial Planner®, and a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant     .  She’s built her expertise and her firm specifically to help Military Veterans and Federal Civilians address the unique challenges they face while leveraging and maximizing unique benefits. 

Amy is a proud member of the Military Financial Advisors Association, National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, XY Planning Network, and the FeeOnlyNetwork.


Why "Instar Financial Planning"

Chaos theory, also known as the "butterfly effect", suggests that small changes in the conditions of a complex system can lead to big changes in outcomes.  The "butterfly effect" metaphor indicates that something as subtle as the flap of a butterfly's wings can lead to major weather changes around the globe.  

The monarch butterfly goes through five stages of growth.  The growth stages are called "instars".  Each instar stage is a period of transition and transformation.

Throughout our lives we go through many stages of growth, transition, and transformation.  As we navigate life's stages, our financial landscape evolves, often becoming more complex. The decisions we make, whether big or small, shape our financial future.  


At Instar Financial Planning, we're dedicated to assisting you through pivotal life transitions, including job changes, military-to-civilian transition, retirement preparation, and life after your career(s). Our mission is to guide you in planning and preparing for the financial decisions that lie ahead, with the goal of transforming your future into the ideal life you desire.

Let's Plan Today to Transform Tomorrow.

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