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How We Do Financial Planning

Whether you’re a DIYer looking for some additional insight or completely new to the financial planning process, we can help.

Our 5 step process is designed to support YOUR decision-making process.  We begin by getting to know each other and identifying your financial objectives.  Then we get organized and get to work building your financial plan.  After we complete your plan, you get choose how much help you would like to implement your plan.  

Your plan cover the following areas of focus:


So what's next?

  • Establish Goals

  • Budgeting and Cash Flow

  • Debt Planning/ Management

  • Insurance Planning

  • Investment Analysis/ Planning

  • Student Loan Planning

  • Benefits Review  

  • Medicare Planning

  • Retirement Transition Prep

  • Education Planning

  • Tax Planning

  • Social Security Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Gift Planning

Step 1: Schedule a free consultation

Let's Connect

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  • Get to know each other


  • Decide if/ how we can work together to meet your objectives

We’ll meet via Google Meet and get to know a little about each other.  We’ll hear more about your objectives and expectations for your experience with a financial planner.  Then we’ll review our services.


After that, you’ll take all the time you need to decide whether or not to move forward.

Step 2: Say "Yes!"


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  • Review Disclosures

  • Sign Client Agreement

  • Gather documents/ information

  • Schedule Getting Organized Meeting

Cost: $500 due with Client Agreement

When you decide to move forward, you’ll receive disclosures to review, the Client Agreement to review and sign, and a short list of other tasks to accomplish so that we can get started.

Step 3: Build the Plan

Get Organized

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  • Gather documents and data

  • Identify Goals

Cost: $650 due at Meeting

Initial Plan Review

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  • Explore possibilities

  • Identify Assumptions

Cost: $675 due at meeting

Final Plan Review

Business IconsArtboard 3 copy 3.png
  • Optimized for your preferences

  •  Implementation Recommendations

Cost: $675 due at Meeting

Building your plan is a three meeting process.  


First, we’ll get organized and ensure we have the information we need for the planning process.


During our second meeting, we’ll review one or more draft financial plans and discuss additional possibilities, appropriate assumptions, etc.


At the final meeting, we’ll review your plan and the recommended actions to implement your plan.

Step 4: Implement your Plan

Implementation Support

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Choose from the following:

  • Option 1 - DIY

  • Option 2 - One Follow-up Meeting

  • Option 3 - Quarterly Meetings

DIY: Implement the plan recommendations on your own.  Email and planning software support available for 90 days after Final Plan Review meeting. 

Cost: $0

One Follow Up: Implement the plan recommendations mostly on your own.  Email and planning software support available for 120 days after Final Plan Review meeting.  One hour follow up meeting scheduled 2-4 months after Final Plan Review Meeting. Cost: $250

Quarterly Meetings: We will work together to implement plan recommendations.  Includes year round financial planning advice and annual plan updates for as long as we work together.

Cost: $225/ month

Step 5: Refresh your Plan

Plan Updates

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Every Plan Changes.  Return for a plan refresh:

  • Annually

  • Every Other Year 

Annual Plan Updates: Recommended when life is changing quickly, when retirement is approaching (5-10 years), and when you are in retirement

Cost: $2,000

(No cost for quarterly/ ongoing planning clients)

Every Other Year Plan Updates: Recommended when retirement and other major life changes are 10-15 years away

Cost: $2,300

Still have questions?  

Ready to move forward?

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